Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the finest departments of this institution, which is dedicated to the Creation, Integration, Transfer and Application of knowledge relevant to Mechanical Engineering. It provides a stimulating environment for the free development and exchange of ideas, particularly in areas of Interdisciplinary Research.
The elite faculty is committed to impart good quality technical education with focus on the all-around development of different aspects to produce “Integrated Personality”, that is a complete individual who can serve society while leading a contended life. At present, it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Mechanical Engineering.
Graduates of Mechanical Engineering can choose a career in Automation, Production, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Reverse Engineering, Power Generation, Nuclear Reactors, Air-conditioning Equipment, Aircraft Engines, Electrical and Transportation Equipment, Refineries and Automobiles Manufacturing Industries.

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Mechanical Engineering


The department has highly qualified faculty and staff who work with packed devotion and enthusiasm under the leadership of Er. Jagdeep Pundir (HOD) with teaching and administrative experience. The Department keeps up with the ever varying challenges of the modern day industry and is firm in its commitment to produce erudite and conscientious Mechanical Engineers. It is all set to produce a galaxy of budding engineers to meet this ever-growing demand of the industry.

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Expert lectures are arranged by the Department on regular basis from professionals of Public Sector units, MNC’s like BBMB, Siemens, etc. Faculty Development programs are also conducted for professional development of Faculty.

Faculty members of Department interact with various Professional Bodies and have taken the memberships of prestigious institutions. Department has three faculty members who are Life Members of Indian Water Resources Society of IIT, Roorkee.

The department is equipped with world class laboratories and modern workshop to prepare the students to meet fast changing requirements of the industry and to carry out research in all areas of Mechanical Engineering.

This Department provides employment opportunities and world class training to students of Mechanical Engineering in leading organizations/ industry. Many students are placed in L & T, Tata Motors, Godrej, Vardhman, Honda, etc.

Industrial Visits
To gain practical experience in live industrial environment, students visit different industries such as Vardhman, Godrej, Bhushan Steels, Cheema Boilers, Class India, HMT etc.

Mechanical Engineering Faculty
S.No Name Designation Qualification Letter No. & Date of Approvel Date of Joining Approved/Regular Pay Scale
1 Mr. Aman Gupta Assistant Prof. B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/225B/2019/6478 dt. 12-9-2019 08-05-18 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
2 Mr. Ram Karan Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/225B/2016/121078 dt. 27.4.2016 07-31-15 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
3 Mr. Deepak Taneja Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/497B/2014/13021 dt. 2.7.2014 05-08-12 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
4 Mr. Manoj Rana Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/497B/2014/37266 dt. 29.12.2014 10-07-14 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
5 Mr. Lokesh Bhardwaj Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/225-B/2012/17346 dt. 28/08/2012 01-15-15 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
6 Mr. Nishant Mittal Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/349B/2015/8951 dt. 11.05.2015 01-28-19 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
7 Mr. Vikas Gupta Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/225B/2016/121078 dt. 27-4-2016 07-07-14 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
8 Mr. Nitesh Gupta Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/225B/2017/7807 dt. 26-4-2017 07-07-14 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
9 Mr. Shubham Suri Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/225B/2017/7807 dt. 26-4-2017 07-07-14 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
10 Mr. Jagdeep Pundir Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. CBA/225B/2017/7807 dt. 26-4-2017 07-07-14 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)