Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery

Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
The branch of dentistry which deals with the surgical management of diseases and disorders affecting the oral and maxillo-facial region. Oral & Maxillo-facial surgeons are often associated with large hospitals dealing with oral cancer, trauma etc.

A post-graduate in the field of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery is trained to perform surgeries in trauma, cancer deformaties as well as many other conditions involving the oral and maxillo-facial reigon. It is one of the most xciting as well as the most challanging branch of dentistry. In large hospitals, Oral surgeons often form part of teams involving multidisciplinary approach. Oral surgeins in India are also equipped to deal with cleft lip and palate, which requires other specialists in other countries. Oral surgeons also have a bright future in private practice as well as in defence forces of the country.

About the Department
The department of Oral & Maxillo-facial surgery boasts of state of the art equipment and materials. The department has a minor operation theatre which caters to surgeries done under Local anesthesia / sedation. The maxillo-facial unit at the hospital has a 20 bedded ward and a major operation theatre. Advanced care is provided to the patients in the vicinity by the department.

Academic Activities
The department has conducted a. Continuing Dental Education program on Orofacial Pain in Dec 2014. The program was attended by more than 20 delegates. The department conducted an Oral health week from 13th -19th Feb,2015 and camps were conducted to increase the awareness about oral diseases, prevention and their management. In these camps, audiovisual talks and question answer session were held at different locations as part of the programme. The department is also involved in the conducting of "OOO" seminars in the college, where the post-graduates from the departments of Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery, oral Medicine & Radiology and Oral Pathology & Microbiology share their views on important cases.

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Completed Research Projects
⇨ ESurgical repair of transected stensons duct using facial vein graft.
⇨ Cranioplasty of hemispherical defects using calcium phosphate cements along with titanium mesh- our experience.
⇨ Cranioplasty of large defects with porous polyethylene implants-a field study.
⇨ Cranioplasty of hemispherical defects using high impact methylmethacrylate plate- our experience
These projects have been sent for publications in National and International journals and have been accepted for publication.

Ongoing Research Projects
⇨ To assess the efficacy of socket plug technique using platelet rich fibrin with or without the use of bone substitute in the alveolar ridge preservation: a randomized controlled study.
⇨ Comparative study of effect of two dosages of dexamethasone on the post-operative sequelae of the third molar impaction.
⇨ Comparative evaluation of betamethasone with betamethsone and sodium hyaluronate in the treatment of TMJ arthrocentesis: a single puncture technique.