Paedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

Paedodontics and Preventive Dentistry
This branch of Dentistry deals with the diagnosis, planning and treatment of diseases of the teeth, the oral and para-oral region in children.

As the management of children not only is difficult from the point of managing them, but also because of their being unique because of their developmental stages. Therefore, only a Paedodontist is well qualified to address the dental needs of the children. Specialists of Paedodontics carry out all procedures in children with the exception of major surgeries. Even major surgeries in children are carried out only in consultation with Paedodontists. Even though it is a branch of dentistry, it is a complete mini-dentistry in itself.

About the Department
The department of Paediatric dentistry of the institution is fully equipped with latest dental units and surgical instruments like soft tissue laser, endo motors, RVG etc. Minor and major surgical procedures in children are routinely performed under local and general anaesthesia respectively. The department is very colourful and appeals to children. In addition, there is also a Kid's room in the department with numerous toys for children of different age groups.

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Completed Research Projects
⇨ Management of anxiety in children during dental procedures using various distraction techniques: Magic trick v/s Verbal distraction .
⇨ A study of Knowledge, attitude and practice of Paediatricians regarding oral health care of children.
⇨ Changes in salivary pH of children following consumption of various fruits and fruit juices.
⇨ Changes in salivary Streptococcus Mutans count following Propolis, chlorhexidine and Sodium fluoride Mouth rinses in children under supervised conditions .
⇨ Efficacy and convenience of finger tooth brush and conventional toothbrush for plaque removal in children under supervised conditions” A comparative study.
⇨ Parental outlook towards behaviour management techniques commonly employed by Paedodontists in Paediatric dental operatory- A survey.

Ongoing Research Projects
⇨ A study to assess first- Aid Knowledge of school teachers concerning tooth avulsion in district Panchkula (Haryana).
⇨ Acquisition of streptococcus mutans in oral cavity of infants in predentate period and its association with mode of delivery.
⇨ Assessment of children’s anxiety during first dental visit and its association with Paedodontist’s attire.
⇨ To evaluate and compare the effectiveness of various materials for treatment of white spot lesions – An in vivo study.
⇨ Comparative evaluation of various pit and fissure sealants – an in vivo study.