Public Health Dentistry

Public Health Dentistry
This branch of Dentistry deals with the leadership and expertise in population based dentistry, oral health surveillance, policy development, community based disease prevention and health promotion, and the maintenance of dental safety net. It is the responsibility of the Department of Public Health Dentistry to assure optimal oral health for the whole community.

As the quality of life is improving,, there is an increased emphasis on providing dental care and education to the masses. This aim is achieved by the department of Public Health Dentistry. The specialists in this field are in great demand in India as well as Abroad, and are preferred for Jobs such as those in the W.H.O and defence forces.

About the Department
The department of Public Health Dentistry is well equipped to provide quality dental care to the masses in the region around the college. The department has to its credit a fully functional mobile dental care unit, which is sent on a daily basis to some region adjoining the institution, so as to impart dental education and basic dental care to the general population. Moreover, the patients attending these camps are given free dental care in the institution, where they are referred for advanced treatment. The department also manages and runs two satellite centres; one at the Indo-Tibetian Border police Campus, (ITBP), Panchkula, and the other at Shahzadpur. Moreover, the department has adopted two schools, namely the Scolars Public School, Mauli, and Nav Bharti Public School, Barwala to provide complete dental care and education to the students of these schools. The department also organized a free dental camp at "Naraingarh Sugar Mills" on 20th March 2015, on the occasion of World Oral Health Day.

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Completed Research Projects
⇨ Caries experience and its impact on oral health related quality of life among 11-14 years old school going children in Panchkuladistt. (Haryana) India.
⇨ Perception of dental interns towards serving rural India.
⇨ Factors affecting future speciality choice among dental students in Haryana.
⇨ Prevalence of dental fluorosis among 11-14 years old school going children in Panchkuladistt. (Haryana).
⇨ Prevalence of dental fluorosis in primary dentition of preschool children in Ferozpur district (Punjab).
⇨ Job satisfaction among Dentists in Private dental colleges of North India.
⇨ Oral health status and dental knowledge, attitude, practice of workers in chemical industries of Mohali District (Punjab) India.
⇨ Oral health status and knowledge attitude practice among prison inmates of ambala district, Haryana
⇨ Attitudes and perception among dental students and dental professionals towards Tobacco use Cessation in dental colleges of Panchkula (Haryana).
⇨ Effectiveness of herbal and regular toothpaste on plaque and gingival scores among undergraduate dental students- A randomized controlled trial.
⇨ Awareness and effectiveness of warning lables on tobacco products among health and non health care professionals – a comparative study.
⇨ Awareness of consumer protection act among dentists.
⇨ Correlation between dental caries and body mass index among 12-15 years school going children in Panchkula district, Haryana India.
⇨ Dental age assessment- the applicability of Demirjian’s method using indian formula
⇨ Prevalence of traumatic dental injury in primary dentition among school going children of panchkula district and to assess the knowledge of school teaches regarding emergency care of traumatic dental injury.
⇨ A study of obstetricians knowledge attitudes and practices towards oral health and pregnancy outcome
⇨ Assessment of caries risk in permanent first molars among 6-7 yr old school children using a cariogram model in district panchkula, Haryana India.

Ongoing Research Projects
⇨ Knowledge and practice among different dentists about tooth jewellery.
⇨ Knowledge and perception among dental students about eye donation.
⇨ Dental caries prevalence and gingival status among 3-6 yr old school children in Panchkula.
⇨ Knowledge attitude practice about plagiarism among dental students.
⇨ Knowledge attitude practice of antioxidants.
⇨ Could ICON replace IOTN?
⇨ Perception towards halitosis among dental students.
⇨ Oral health status of poultry farm workers.
⇨ Prevalence of malocclusion amond 12-15 yr old school going children in Panchkula. district Haryana.
⇨ Oral health status of Indo Tibetan Border Police force personnels stationed at BhanuPanchkula district Haryana.
⇨ Assessment of dental anxiety in patients visiting dental care unit of Indo Tibetan Border Police force personnels stationed at BhanuPanchkula district Haryana.
⇨ Influence of occupational stress factors on nicotine dependence among patients visitingdental care unit of Indo Tibetan Border Police force personnels stationed at BhanuPanchkula district Haryana.
⇨ Comparisom of health literacy scale(REALM) and oral health literacy scales (REALD) among engineering students.
⇨ Evaluation and comparison of educational milieu in dental colleges using DREEM inventory.
⇨ Assessment of oral hygiene status and impact of various oral health education methods on oral hygiene of 12-15 year old school going children in Panchkula.