May 18, 2024


What is bio pharmaceutics?

It is the study of interrelationship of the physio-chemical properties and in vitrocharacteristics of the drug and the dosage form on drug bioavailability toproduce a desired therapeutic effect.

Bio pharmaceutical consideration in design of dosage form :

·       The basic considerations in design of dosage forms are:

1.Therapeutic objectives



·     The finished drug product must fulfill following considerations

1.Maximum bio availability and therapeutic effect

2.Minimum side effects        

Basic elements of thebiopharmaceutical considerations in design of dosage form:

·       Studies to decide nature of drug productto be used to formulate dosage form i.e salt form , particle size etc

·       Determination of preclinical studieswith the drug.

·       The evaluation of drug solubility inparticular solvent system, its dissolution, absorption characteristics anddistribution patterns

·       The design and evaluation of final drugformulation.