May 18, 2024

Combating Stress in Life

Stress, a response to threatening events, can be negative or positive. Dealing with stress is crucial for a peaceful life.

We are living in a modern era. An era of competition, force, pressure, hardship, strain, frustration, tension and emotional imbalance. All these terms together constitute stress. That is why the 21st century is christened as an era of stress. Stress is an emotional state of tension. It occurs when our peace of mind is interrupted and our emotions flared up. Today it has become fact and part of our life. It has become an inevitable companion for the people of different streams. It is just a feeling of carrying a large burden on our shoulders. It is all around us- at work, in our environment and in our personal lives. It has engrossed almost everybody in its clutches. Thus it is Ommi- present.

Literally stress is defined as the response to events that threaten or challenge a person. It is a symbol of tension, solitude, fear, anxiety, stubbornness, furiousness etc. But despite this stress has two dimensions viz., Negative and Positive. Positive stress provides encouragement to finish work on time whereas negative stress renders disorder physically and emotionally.

Dealing with stress is not easy for everyone however we cannot allow it to control our life.  Otherwise, we will end up worth health issues and bruised feelings. Each person deals with stress differently. Some know how to get relief, others don’t care to work it out they would rather be     stressed for the rest of their lives. Stress can be used as a motivator to get rid of the problem. By   using some of these techniques mentioned above we can have a better and peaceful life. If we look at it from a positive stand point, we will be able to tackle it with grace and keep moving. if not we will continue to allow the stress demons invade our life.