July 13, 2024

Conserving Smiles : A Journey From Stains To Radiance Through Shades Of Transformation

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with the treatment of caries, malformed, discolored,or fractured teeth and endodontics is concerned with pulpal and periapical diseases and dental pain management.

Conservative Dentistry includes esthetic procedures which include smile design, diastemaclosure, veneers and bleaching that enhances the smile and appearance of the patient that boosts confidence and self esteem of the patients who are more conscious about their oral health and appearance.Porcelain crowns are considered as one of the best solution for badly discolored teeth.

However,increase number of patients do not want their teeth cut down for crowns and are electing an alternative conservative approach like veneers and bleaching.

Regardless of the technique and product used, mechanism of action of bleaching agents is based on the generation of reactive oxygen species as a result of interaction of hydrogen peroxide with tooth structure that disrupts the hydrocarbon chain of the pigment molecule, reflecting blue light along with green and red spectra that produces the whitening effect. For quick results, generation of reactive oxygen species can be accelerated by application of heat to the bleaching agent through heated instrument or laser therapy.

Compared with restorative modalities, bleaching is the minimally invasive approach for discolored teeth. Bleaching enhances the natural shade , yields quick results within single session and can be considered as home based procedure that yields results over a few weeks

Additionally,unlike the other conservative esthetic procedures like micro abrasion and veneers, bleaching is a reversible procedure where in the adjustments in the shade can be made as per the patient needs.

Therefore,with its minimally invasive approach, reversibility, cost effectiveness andharmonious shades, bleaching has become the most demanded esthetic dentalprocedure.