April 25, 2024

OTC Product

OTC drugs offer convenience and accessibility but may lead to misuse and adverse effects if used inappropriately.


Over-the-counter (OTC) are  non-prescription drugs which are obtained by individuals without a prescription from a physician for the treatment of common ailments. Due to increased  Self-care and self-medication in  health care system demand of OTC products has been augmented day by day.

Reasons of frequent use: .1 Having a previous prescription2. Saving time 3. Family member’s advice 4. High price of doctor’s visit 5.Crowded medical centers 6. Lack of trust in doctors7. Nurse advice 8 Pharmacist recommendation 9. Poverty, ignorance, misbelieves 10. Extensive advertisement11 Availability of drugs other than in Pharmacy.

However these products are associated with enormous merits but following demerits are along with its prolonged usage

Demerits:  The risk of drug misuse, dependence, and adverse drug events is increased when the drugs are used inappropriately. Misuse and Abuse are characterized as over-consumption beyond the approved medical practice or medical norms when the hazards and unfavorable consequences outweigh the advantages. These include self-medicating at higher quantities and for longer periods of time than recommended.

There are ways to overcome the above mentioned cons:

·       Improved knowledge

·       Understanding about self-medication.

There is an urgent need to implement legislation to promote judicious and rational use of over-the-counter drugs.