April 25, 2024


Prosthodontists specialize in rehabilitating patients with dentures, implants, and maxillofacial prostheses, offering diverse career opportunities.

A branch of dental sciences, Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge, focused on restoration and replacement of lost teeth as well as the related structures through a dental prosthesis that restores the optimal function, comfort and aesthetics of a patient.

A Prosthodontist receives extended training in the replacement of teeth, and associated oral as well as maxillofacial tissues through rehabilitating methods like complete and partial dentures, fixed partial dentures, inlays, veneers, oral splints, night guards for TMJ disorders and implants. Prosthodontics also involves reconstructive treatment of patients with congenital and acquired maxillofacial defects with ocular,auricular, orbital and nasal prosthesis. Prosthodontists also manage complex maxillofacial cases in collaboration with surgeons to achieve optimal outcomes for patients with maxillofacial defects.

There is ample scope for a postgraduate in Prosthodontics and Crown& Bridge. After postgraduation, they can end up with jobs in colleges, universities, teaching, hospital and research institutes. Trained private practitioners can have their own clinic which could fetch them a fortune. Those who have an inclination towards social service can join non-governmental organizations and contribute to the welfare of society. Those who have bigger dreams, can go abroad to countries like the US, Australia, UK, etc.

The course for the postgraduation in Prosthodontics and Crown &Bridge is for three years. This field incorporates a training programme that has been structured to gain skill and knowledge in communication,research, aptitude and clinical and theoretical expertise. This requires asound understanding of cultural, social, environmental and educationalbackground of society. The postgraduates in this stream are experts inProsthodontic therapy with a good knowledge of behavioural, medicaland clinical sciences.