June 5, 2024

Traits of the HR Manager

A successful organization is robust and dynamic by nature. It is co-created and sustained by employees, managers, the HR Team,CEO/COO, the directors and the founder. It grows by leaps and bounds only when each person of the team adheres to the vision and mission of the organization and puts in their very best, be it the entry level employee or the founders themselves. In this journey, the HR Manager plays an impeccable role. To function at their utmost potential, employees need to be satisfied and motivated with their roles and the organizational climate. While HR Managers are responsible for key organizational processes such as recruitment, framing HR policies, interviews and training - it is also their job to implement policies that can offer extrinsic motivation to the employees which can enhance their levels of intrinsic motivation. After all, even if people do love their job, unfriendly company policies can make them leave the organization, if I put light  on the strength of hr manager hr manager ought to be the full fledge  package of Leadership Skills, communication skills, Self discipline, Ethics and Integrity, Empathetic Attitude, Legally Sound.  An HR Manager is the bridge between the employee and the organization. Hence his leadership skills such as the ability to understand employees and their needs, delegate tasks, visualize the bigger picture and remain aligned to the vision of the organization are crucial. It is also important that they possess sound knowledge of the functioning of every department of the organization, such as marketing, finance, sales and soon.  Communication should be the middle name of an HR Manager. He is responsible for much of the interpersonal communication with the employees and top bosses of the organization. Hence he must be both a people’s person and remain aligned with the organization. Even all the HR of companies now a days are performing with similar attitude, including the Group of Swami Devi Dyal Institutions.